My favorite fall trends.

It goes without saying that I love summer! Love the weather, the activities, the clothes, all of it. But, once September hits, even though it’s not quite fall yet, my mindset flips to fall. Especially when it comes to fashion. I’m ready to put on those cute jackets, chic blazers and sexy booties. Plus, with each new season I look forward to the new trends.

Here are a few of my favorites for Fall 2017.

(Full disclosure: All of the products below are taken from the Lulus site of which I am an affiliate, if you purchase any items from the links I have included on this page I will receive a small commission. As a customer of the site I can say I love their products! Thank you.)

  1. Burgundy and velvet. This dress from Lulus is a great way to wear the trend. Perfect for a special event or throw a jacket or sweater over it and wear it to work (depending on your dress code of course!). I would certainly wear this to my job at Saks, with a long black sweater and booties it’s perfect.


2) Motorcycle jackets. There are a myriad of them to choose from these days, I love one that has accents that differentiate it from the pack. Like this one with its exaggerated collar. I love the classic look wearing it over a t-shirt but also dig a moto in the atypical sense, over a cocktail dress or button down shirt. Click here shop the one below and for more style options and colors.


3) Rose Gold and platform sneakers. Sneakers can be paired with anything these days, I love mine with leggings and a t-shirt or dressing them up with a mini skirt, cami and blazer. Shop this pair by clicking the image below and to view more options.


What’s your favorite trend right now?







Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

Lands End blazer

Topshop polyester camisole
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Adidas sneaker
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Illesteva acetate sunglasses
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Combining fashion and fitness.

Athleisure cover

I’ve been struggling with trying to combine my fashion and fitness expertise into one “brand”. I love both so very much and when I’m in the midst of either am so happy. I love the joy of putting together a killer outfit and the feeling a great workout and eating healthy bring to me. I struggle with how I can share these with the world in a streamlined, sensible way.

Nowadays the two go had in hand. Fashion and fitness are so intertwined for a few reasons. First, the emergence of Athleisure has made it not only fashionable but practical to dress in fitness apparel. That is if you’re doing it right of course! If you follow me on Instagram  (@ugobabyfitness) you’ll know I work as a stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston, so I get to see all the latest styles come in. From Public School, Opening Ceremony, to even higher end designer brands like Fendi and Vehements, athletic is the latest aesthetic.

If you struggle with how you can sport this style here are some ideas I pulled from some Street Style sites.


Midriff baring tops are back big time. If you are comfortable enough rock the hell out of those sports bras wherever you go. 


This i certainly a more bold look, red heels are a must in anyone’s wardrobe. They go with everything!



I love how Gigi pairs her gym outfit with an elegant coat.



This is your most basic athleisure look, I love it though. Simple and so on trend. The motorcycle jacket is everything right now.

athleisurestripped pants

I love how these heels pair with the striped pants. 


You can wear sneakers with anything. 

Some of these styles are a bit more bold than others, but they can help inspire you to get more fashionable, funky and even glamorous with your workout clothes. What’s your favorite athleisure look?



My favorite spring/ summer dress trends.

My favorite thing to wear when the weather gets nice enough is a dress. They’re so easy, comfortable and feminine. Here are my favorite dress trends for spring/ summer 2017. What are yours??

  1. Blue and white stripes and off the shoulder. 

Blue and white stripes

2. Blush and bell sleeves. 


3) The boho-maxi.

Maxi Boho dress

4) Tropical prints.

Tropical prints

5) Tie dye.

Tie Dye Tshirt trend

A few of My favorite Spring Trends

It hardly feels like Spring where I live. It’s cold, damp and cloudy here in New England, but that doesn’t stop me from ogling the beautiful spring fashions. Being a part-time stylist, I’m around the current trends all the time and here are a few of my favorites.

1) High-neck, delicate blouses like this one from H & M. 

high kneck blouse

2) Floral Maxi dresses with a  peasant / bohemian vibe. This one is from ASOS.


3) Metallic skirts like this from Nasty Gal.

zoe metallic skirt nasty gal

What trends are you in love with this spring?





Miss Selfridge pink shirt

Michael kors handbag

Long necklace

Prada Sport retro glasses
$380 –

Recharge your fall fitness routine…

With the lazy, hot days of summer over it’s a great time of year to spice up your fitness routine. Here are some ideas we came up with to help you get ready and motivated for a great workout season this fall. What suggestions can you add to this list?

1) New workout gear. I don’t know about you but new clothes always make me feel a little better about myself and ready to take on whatever task I have for the day. The same goes for workout clothes. Of course it’s fine to wear old sweats and a t-shirt to the gym, but wearing clothes that make you feel good and confident will both motivate you to get to the gym and perhaps stay a little longer since you won’t be rushing to hit the showers and make yourself look presentable.

At U Go Baby we’re not fans of spending a ton of money on workout clothes, especially if you workout as much as we do you don’t want your entire paycheck at Lululemon. Stores like, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and the like have a great selection of affordable workout clothing.

Where do you like to shop for workout clothes?

2) Be prepared for the cold. Fleeces, headbands, gloves will stop you from making excuses to not get out for a run.

Pic c/o

What do you wear when the weather gets cold?

3) Plan a hike. Hiking is a great workout and a great way to spend your day with loved ones and see some beautiful sites. A good site to plan your next hike is It not only has details about trails near you but also provides useful information on how to prepare for a hike, physically, mentally and nutritionally.

4) Get philanthropic. There are lots of charity races going on this time of year. Sign up for one! Not only will it motivate you to get into racing shape, but you’ll feel good that you’re doing something charitable. is a good place to both find races and get advice on training.

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of running a race or just running in general, try the Couch to 5K app. I’ve spoken to many people who have tried it and love it.

5) Facebook workout community. Start a Facebook “workout club” with your friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone you know is into physical fitness. The goal of this group should be to motivate each other to workout by posting when, where, what you are doing and inviting people to join. You can even post pictures of your progress to make it a little more inspiring / competitive.

If you don’t want to start your own Facebook workout page an easy solution is to join ours here… U Go Baby Fitness.

Until next time, remember you’re just one workout away from a good mood.