Start your week off right!

I was looking at articles on this subject to get inspired and came across one that was intended to be amusing but is actually quite sad. It made me realize how far I’ve come since my drinking days. On, a site I had never heard of, the article “Case of the Mondays, 8 Ways to Kick Start Your Week“, the author simply discusses immature and disgusting ways to nurse your hangover from a weekend long binge.

This used to be me. Rolling into the office trying to just get through the day, hating my job, myself and everyone around me. That’s no way to live. I live without a drink now and am so much happier. I know to some it seems like a fate worse than death to give up drinking, but really it could not only save your life but help you create the best life you’ve ever had.

As a sober, responsible and inspired human, Monday is a great day for me to reboot. It’s a new week which gives me the feeling that I have a clean slate. Here are a few things that help me start my week off right…

  1. Wake up with time to spare. I used to be a consummate late sleeper, snoozing until the last possible moment, then rushing around to get myself ready in the morning and rushing out the door. I still have a tough time waking up, it’s a little easier now that I have natural alarm clocks, my 3 sons, waking me up every morning before 7. I try to get up a little before they do to have sometime for myself in the morning whether to workout, have a cup of coffee or stretch and meditate, it really helps to have that time to myself before the kids wake up and it’s all about them.
  2. A healthy breakfast. I used to never eat breakfast. Now I can’t go without it. I’m not that hungry in the mornings but if I skip it I’m become ravenous later in the day and eat things I shouldn’t. Also, eating a healthy breakfast is so important to kick-start your metabolism for the day.
  3. Think about what I want to accomplish for the day / week and make a list. Once I’ve cleared my head a bit and my older 2 get off to school I like to think about the week ahead and what I would like to accomplish. What appointments do I have, when am I going to squeeze in working out and updating my blog, what fun activities am I going to do with Tommy, dinners for the week, who do I need to call or message etc… having this list in front of me is a good way to organize.

That’s all I’ve got for today. What suggestions do you have for starting your week off strong?

xo, Hil

Combining fashion and fitness.

Athleisure cover

I’ve been struggling with trying to combine my fashion and fitness expertise into one “brand”. I love both so very much and when I’m in the midst of either am so happy. I love the joy of putting together a killer outfit and the feeling a great workout and eating healthy bring to me. I struggle with how I can share these with the world in a streamlined, sensible way.

Nowadays the two go had in hand. Fashion and fitness are so intertwined for a few reasons. First, the emergence of Athleisure has made it not only fashionable but practical to dress in fitness apparel. That is if you’re doing it right of course! If you follow me on Instagram  (@ugobabyfitness) you’ll know I work as a stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston, so I get to see all the latest styles come in. From Public School, Opening Ceremony, to even higher end designer brands like Fendi and Vehements, athletic is the latest aesthetic.

If you struggle with how you can sport this style here are some ideas I pulled from some Street Style sites.


Midriff baring tops are back big time. If you are comfortable enough rock the hell out of those sports bras wherever you go. 


This i certainly a more bold look, red heels are a must in anyone’s wardrobe. They go with everything!



I love how Gigi pairs her gym outfit with an elegant coat.



This is your most basic athleisure look, I love it though. Simple and so on trend. The motorcycle jacket is everything right now.

athleisurestripped pants

I love how these heels pair with the striped pants. 


You can wear sneakers with anything. 

Some of these styles are a bit more bold than others, but they can help inspire you to get more fashionable, funky and even glamorous with your workout clothes. What’s your favorite athleisure look?



A few of My favorite Spring Trends

It hardly feels like Spring where I live. It’s cold, damp and cloudy here in New England, but that doesn’t stop me from ogling the beautiful spring fashions. Being a part-time stylist, I’m around the current trends all the time and here are a few of my favorites.

1) High-neck, delicate blouses like this one from H & M. 

high kneck blouse

2) Floral Maxi dresses with a  peasant / bohemian vibe. This one is from ASOS.


3) Metallic skirts like this from Nasty Gal.

zoe metallic skirt nasty gal

What trends are you in love with this spring?



Broken promises.


I made a promise to you guys that I would post workouts every week. I’m breaking that promise and I’m sorry. I’m focusing on other things at the moment so the blog will yet have to take a back seat. I will update once week on Tuesdays, so if you have any questions you want to ask me about exercise or diet please email me ( and I will either email you back or I will post my answer on the blog.

There are many things that are important; family, friends, community, giving back, career etc… It’s so hard to do it all! And we can’t really can we? So I have to delegate my time as I see fit and as things come up that are important. Usually those important things have to do with my children, in fact I have a smiley baby begging for my attention as I write this!

I’ve learned to role with the punches and realize when I’m taking on too much and need to get a few things off my plate or replace a few things with more important ones (there’s a good metaphor for healthy eating in there I think).

This can be incredibly frustrating, but when I get overwhelmed I get anxious, frustrated, tired and I’m not being the best I can be in any area of my life. I start to let people down, myself included, and it’s just not worth it. If you’ve ever felt this way I’d love to hear about it and your ways of coping with busy family life.

What are your tips for managing it all??

Thanks for reading!






My top five embarrassing gym moments.

I had an experience at the resort gym that inspired me to write this post. There were no  machines that looked familiar other than the treadmill and I didn’t feel like jogging. I carefully chose one that looked the most familiar hoping I could figure it out pretty quickly and avoid embarrassing myself. This didn’t go so well.

First, I had a hard time getting situated on the machine, stumbling to get my feet into proper placement. Second, this was a machine that looked like an elliptical however I was unsure if it behaved like one. Are my legs going in a circle, front and back or side to side?? WTF! It took me longer then I hoped to figure it out and I don’t know if I was ever really doing it properly, but after an embarrassing few minutes was able to feign confidence like I had it down.

This experience got me thinking about everyone out there who has similar moments at the gym and is therefore anxious and even turned off by the thought of going. I’ve been going to some sort of gym for over 20 years now and I still have embarrassing moments and feel anxious  when I’m at a new fitness facility. However, I understand that if you’re new to exercise and a gym membership it’s all the more daunting.

Here are my top 5 most embarrassing gym moments to help you feel a little better about yourself and hopefully give you more confidence to hit the gym more often. The more you go the more confidence you will get.

  1. Back when treadmills didn’t automatically slow down, upon hitting the stop button I went flying forward and hit my face on the front panel.

  2. At a swim meet in high school, instead of a graceful swan dive into the pool I performed, what felt like was a cataclysmic belly-flop.
  3. I dropped a dumbbell on someone,s foot.
  4. Using the ab machine that requires you to hang upside down at an angle, I couldn’t figure out how to get off and instead of a smooth dismount, fell to the side and somehow tumbled in the process.
  5. I’m the gal that’s always going the opposite direction as everyone else in the same class. Whether it’s aerobics, kick boxing or Zumba, you name it. I have zero coordination.

I’ll end by saying that a good way to relieve gym anxiety is to either go with a friend that knows what they’re doing and can show you the ropes; or have one of the trainers show you around the facility and give you a tutorial on how to use the machines. Whatever you do DON’T GIVE UP! It’ll get easier.

Do you have an embarrassing gym moment you can share with us?

Thanks for reading!



Social Media and appreciating the journey.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It provides a wonderful place for positive social activity, especially when you’re a stay at home mom (SAHM) in the dull of winter when it can provide the only social interaction with adults you have during your day, but it seems to me that we’ve gotten overly “social”.

There are too many apps socializing everyday activity. For example, I know”check-ins” can be very helpful to support local businesses, and to get reviews from peers, but we could all use some discretion. I don’t need to know that you went to CVS to pick up tampons this afternoon or that you had a custody hearing at the local courthouse yesterday.

I think Venmo can be inappropriately social. I got this app a few years ago because I had to pay a friend back for concert tickets. I liked the ability to exchange money so easily but making it a “social” activity is bizarre to me. I understand why businesses would like the potential advertising they get from the app but don’t know why anyone would want to share the reason they are paying someone back for the cup of coffee from Starbucks. I see the benefit for Starbucks, but what do we get out of it other then the chance to show off that we got #bottlservice last night with Joe Shmo?

I was recently given three different payments, that totaled over $1,000, by some young ladies I did not know, for #Vegas!. The description for the payment was followed by multiple emojis like champagne bottles, high heels and fireworks to emphasize how they were ballin’ out of control (BOC). My middle-aged self hoped these ladies would recognize within a few days that they had made a mistake and simply reverse the transactions. Unbeknownst to me I had to decline the transactions in order for them to receive their money back. I’m sure if I did a little research I would’ve figured this out easily but it was the holidays, I have 3 kids at home, including a 6 month old, and my family was visiting, so I was hoping these girls could figure it out. It took 2 weeks until I finally got a few messages in my inbox demanding the money back. One girl immediately included threats of legal action! To top it  off, once I returned the money, the same girl made the same mistake and paid me again!

I now use, and would recommend, the Square Cash app by Square. It is just as easy to send and receive cash, but you don’t have to let everyone know the payment was for #diapermoney.

So how does all of this tie back to health, wellness and fitness? We can all disconnect sometimes, be more patient, appreciate privacy, and spend more face-to-face time with our friends and loved ones. The internet and social media have created many conveniences and made life easier in lots of ways, but have also made life seem more rushed. Even as I write this post I have thoughts going through my head of “gotta get this finished and posted by the afternoon so I can optimize viewership!” Who cares!?

Like Ferris said in the analog 80s, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it!”




Week 2 of the 8 to Great Slim Down Challenge!

How did week 1 go for you ladies? As a review, I asked you to count calories, find opportunities to squeeze exercise into your day and performing a tabata circuit that I provided to you 3 times a day for at least 2 days this week (admittedly this was a tough one to accomplish as getting through it once was difficult for me).

Last weeks challenge was about self-awareness. Counting calories shows you how much you are actually consuming per day and hopefully will help you find places that you can cut back. Finding new ways to squeeze exercise in your day is a great way to get into the habit of thinking of opportunities for you to get fit. And the tabata challenge was to show you that you can get an intense workout in a short period of time, and once you get started it’s easier to keep going. You just have to start!

Week 2:

1) Eat breakfast. Many people skip breakfast, including myself when I’m in a rush! Before I had children I skipped breakfast regularly. Now I realize how important it is to keeping me energized, less anxious and content throughout my day. The weight loss benefits of eating breakfast are that it kick starts your metabolism and will diminish overall hunger throughout the day.

Of course I want you to choose a healthy breakfast. An example, whole wheat toast, organic preserves, eggs whites, fruit, yogurt and granola.

2) Meditate for at least 2 minutes per day. This will provide you more clarity, awareness, good sense and the ability to take pause when necessary (like when you’re reaching for that cupcake). If you are thinking to yourself that you cannot find the time or place to meditate that is absolutely not true. That’s why I posted a picture of a woman in a board room meditating, obviouly I don’t expect you to so this but the point is that you can find the time and place to clear your head for two minutes. No excuses!

If you need pointers check out my post on how to meditate here.

3) Workout. This weeks routine is going to be another Tabata circuit. In fact all of them are and it should get easier for you each week as your strength builds and you see the pounds come off. I want you to perform this circuit at least 3 times this week, that’s the only way you will begin to see results.

This weeks routine has a focus on your thighs, booty and arms. However, all of my routines will be full body workouts.

To review, I want you to perform each move in this circuit for 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for a set of 4. A total of 2 full minutes for each move.  The entire circuit will take 10 minutes. After 10 minutes rest for 2 minutes then repeat the circuit if you can. Try to repeat it up 3 times. Remember that this is a great calorie burning session so push yourself!

1) Skaters. Modifications: Jump side to side for more intensity, if you would like less intensity step it.

2) Push ups. Modifications: For less intensity out your knees on the ground, for more intensity knees off the ground and try and lift one leg up for 10 seconds and then switch for 10.

After these 2 moves rest for one full minute and move on…

3) Jumping lunges. Modifications: Remove the jump and simply step and lunge.

jump lunge

4) Side to side planks.  Modification: Bring the plank to your knees and simply hold it for 20 seconds on one side, switch sides for the next 20 second interval.

That it! Good luck everybody! And let me know if you have any questions about diet or exercise at
Hilary Ann Lambert