Kids and Physical Fitness.


Hula Hooping is a fun way for your family to get some cardio (and work that mid-section).

The the topic of the Super Bowl and football has me thinking about kids and physical fitness. Many children, mine included, are talking about football and getting excited for the game this weekend. I wanted to talk a little about how you can use this topic, and other ideas, to motivate your children to workout and be physically fit. Most kids don’t need a strict workout regimen as they probably get enough exercise by running and playing with their friends. But it is a good idea to start talking about why exercise is important and if your children love football that’s a good way to inspire them to want to be physically active and fit throughout their life.

Tips for inspiring your children to be active:

  1. On the topic of football, if your children enjoy watching sports and maybe have a favorite player, tell them how important it is for athletes to take care of their bodies with diet and exercise. For  example, I spoke about Tom Brady’s diet on the blog yesterday, this is a very strict diet that I don’t think any child should partake in, but it’s an example of how disciplined athletes need to be to stay in top physical condition.
  2. Workout in front of your children. My husband and I are constantly exercising in front of our children so they know how important working out is to us. Explain to them why you workout and the benefits you get from it.
  3. Show them some of the exercises you do to stay in shape and stay strong. Some basic exercises like crunches, push-ups (starting on their knees for better posture), squats and lunges are a good way to familiarize them with strength training. You can also give a basic anatomy lesson by telling them what muscle groups they are working.
  4. Talk about aerobic exercise. They probably get enough of this running around with their friends and playing sports. But explaining to them how these activities are beneficial is a good idea.

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?



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