My Favorite Weight Loss Tip.


Keeping with the theme of weight loss, I want to give you the secret to losing weight. It’s not easy but it works. Wait for it… distraction! It may sound crazy to some of you but t works, think about when you eat the worst? It’s usually when you’re bored, depressed or angry. The best way to combat this habit is to create new ones. For me it’s finding healthy ways to occupy my time rather than eating.

Guess what a great way to occupy your time and distract yourself from eating poorly? Exercise! Go to the gym, plan a hike, schedule a cycling class or go for a walk. Brainstorm and write down things you can do when you’re feeling the itch to binge. It doesn’t have to be exercise, read a book, take a warm bath, call a friend, go shopping. Human’s are forgetful so write down the activities that are healthy and fulfilling, they may be difficult to do at first but will become habits and you will find bring you more pleasure in the long run then eating junk food.

Of course this needs to be combined with eating well. Start off your day right with a good breakfast. This is important to maintain sanity  throughout the day so you can make healthy food choices. I’m often not hungry first thing in the morning, but if I don’t eat anything first thing but the afternoon I find myself putting whatever I can find in my mouth. It’s also important to kick start your metabolism for the day.

What is your favorite distraction? (Please refrain from dirty responses :))



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