Kicking the winter blues…

I’m back! It’s been a while but I’m ready to start motivating my readers again. I have to admit that as much as I love fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to stick to it. Especially during the harsh winter months. Do any of you out there suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? I definitely do and despite my urge to be lazy and eat junk food during this tough time of year I know the only way out of my crummy mood is by working out and eating healthy.
Do yourself a favor this weekend and get in a workout. You should be doing 30 minutes of cardio almost everyday. If you don’t have a gym membership get one and use it! Or, many local malls have walking hours in the mornings before the stores open. Another option is signing up for a workout class like kick boxing, pilates, spinning and exercise DVDs are always a great way to get fit at home. My neighbors got the Insanity box set and have been setting their alarms extra early to get a workout in before the kids wake up and they have to leave for work. Very motivated!
And no one is worse than I am when it comes to sugar cravings. I’m truly addicted, but as much as I want to drown my winter sorrows in a bag of M&Ms I need to remind myself that it’ll only make me feel more tired and irritable. Here are some healthy meal recipes that will, according to, that boost your energy and happiness.
Hilary Ann Lambert

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