The “What’s your excuse?” girl debate…

How do you feel about this post from a fit mom trying to motivate people to get in shape? It’s stirred up quite a controversy with some who think she is being a bully toward women trying to get back into shape after having kids.

Personally: I am all for trying to motivate people but this isn’t the way to do it. Everyone has different body types, metabolisms, life situations etc… that determine how quickly they get back into shape. Sure, many are just lazy or need to try harder. But that’s their own choice. This woman, whoever she is, obviously centers her life around being physically fit and that’s her choice and she seems to be fortunate that she is able to devote so much time and money to her fitness passion. I find it both obnoxious, irresponsible and dumb to post a picture of yourself with your children and flaunt it in the faces of women that may be struggling with both the weight gain of having a child and the deeply emotional and sleepless time of postpartum.

On the flip side, I do find it quite irritating when folks complain about trying to lose weight and aren’t willing to do the work.

Send in your thoughts on the subject. Do you think this woman is justified?

4 thoughts on “The “What’s your excuse?” girl debate…

    • Thanks for sharing! I like your positive outlook. I honestly didn’t read the negative comments. I just heard it was not received well. If a picture like that drives someone to the point of being negative and hurtful obviously that person has a problem. But I do think that there are better ways of motivating people, like posting the same picture with the caption “it is possible to look this good after 3 babies”. That’s a little easier for me to swallow.

      Thanks for stopping by and keeping the conversation going! Love your blog!

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