Floyd Mayweather was on Kelly & Michael this morning and has us inspired to box! It’s such a great way to get in shape. Here are a few tips on how to get started…

1) First off, make sure your own good cardiovascular shape before you start an intense workout like boxing. Running, cycling, even skipping are great ways to gain cardiovascular endurance and improve foot work as a boxer.

2) Choose the right pair of gloves. Do you want leather or synthetic? Leather will last longer. Lace up or velcro? Lace up is great for those more serious about the sport, velcro is for recreational use. What size? Try them on with hand wraps otherwise they will be too small. How heavy? Test them to make sure they are comfortable (tip: you want them as heavy as possible making sure you  are still able to punch at chest level fairly easily). Finally, make sure they have a “thumb lock” (reference:

3) Choosing the right boxing class. Many of us have tried the “boxing classes” at our local gym. These are effective in getting you a good cardio and sculpting workout but not so much in teaching you how to really box and as a result getting an even better workout and feeling like you are actually boxing in the formal sense and not just doing some silly class at your gym for fun. Ask your potential teacher if they have any real boxing experience, do they teach proper footwork techniques, things like jabbing and bobbing and weaving? Find out more here… How To Choose the Right Boxing Class.

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