Curbing the post workout munchies…

I took the summer off from my gym. I ran a lot and did some pilates a few times a week, I wasn’t doing much strength training. Now I’m back to the gym and working out much harder, pushing myself on the cardio machines with some Tabata training and weight training. It’s great, except that I am starving!! Not just post workout but all day after my workout. I decided to research some tips on how to eat healthy, lite and feel full all day long. Here are some ideas:

1) Mornings. Have a high fiber breakfast, it takes your stomach longer to metabolize fiber so you in turn feel full longer. Try shredded wheat with skim milk and strawberries or plain oat meal with blueberries.

2) Make sure to eat before your workout. This is a good idea to curb hunger during your workout and prevent post workout binging. Don’t eat much, just half a sandwich will do. Try whole wheat bread and tuna, substitute a little mustard instead of mayo to lighten it up.

3) Post workout. Eat something at least 30 minutes after your workout. Carbs, electrolytes and potassium are depleted post work-out. Eat things like a bananas, low-cal Gatorade, dried fruit with nuts, fruit and yogurt smoothies and protein shakes.

4) Dinner.  Keep it simple. Protein; like fish, chicken, tofu. Veggies: my favorites are spinach, broccoli and kale. Add some starch to give you that full feeling longer, sweet potatoes and brown rice are a good healthy low cal option.

We love hearing from our readers, what do you suggest to suppress the workout munchies?

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