Introducing the “U Go Baby Fitness” Re-launch…


I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve found some new inspiration recently to eat healthier, workout better and overall live healthier. Along with that motivation comes the re-launch of the U Go Baby Fitness blog. I chose a chalkboard theme because I want this site to be a “school” for fitness and well-being. Also, it’s somewhat of a “to do” list for those of us trying to feel and look our best.

I would love your feedback on how I can make this site better and more informative for my audience. What types of articles do you like the most on fitness and lifestyle web sites? Do you like videos? Tutorials? Interviews?

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for some inspiring and informative articles, including an interview I will be posting tomorrow with a female body builder. You need to check this one out if you’re at all interested or simply intrigued by the world of professional body sculpting and training.


Hilary Lambert

Founder, U Go Baby Fitness

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