Marathon training…

Is running a marathon on your bucket list? With the Boston Marathon coming up in April I thought I post a few tips on how to get started…

1) Invest in some good running shoes. Marathon Sports offers a free consultation on the best footwear for you, taking into account your body type, stride and the way you run. And they have a sale going on right now!

2) Nutrition… during marathon training, 65% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 10% from protein. 20-25% should come from unsaturated fats.

3) Hydrate… during your runs consume 6-8 oz. of water every 20 minutes. Rehydrate and bring your body weight back to what it was before the run by drinking plenty of fluid like water and sports drinks.

4) Avoid injury by warming up for at least 5 minutes then stretching. Stretch after your run and put ice on sore spots.

5) Training, you should be able to run fr 1/2 hour without rest before you begin marathon training. Once you’ve reached this goal you’re ready to start, here’s the week by week schedule…Marathon Training Schedule

 Are you running a marathon this year? If so which one and why? Do you have any goals in terms of time or are you just trying to make it to the end?


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