Slow and Steady wins the race…

I participated in a bootcamp class the other night. It was the first time I’d done one in a long time, since before I was pregnant with my 7 month old. It was intense but felt really good. Bootcamp fitness is a great way to get a full body workout and really get your metabolism going. Since you are constantly doing different movements at a high intensity your heart rate is up and down throughout the training which is the best way to burn calories and lose weight. Switching up movements keeps you body guessing which we all know is good from the “muscle confusion” trend that as so popular a few years ago

Here’s a sample bootcamp workout you can do almost anywhere. Go through the series doing each move for 60 seconds. Repeat this series 3 times. I’ve included videos on how to do some of the exercises that may not be familiar to some people.

1) Jogging in place kicking your feet back toward your glutes.

2) Burpies, here’s  a video that shows you how to do both a beginner version and an advanced…

3) High knees 

4) Jumping Lunges

5) Mountain Climbers

6) Planks (Mix it up!)

When you do a boot camp it’s good to push yourself but keep the workout about a pace you will be able to maintain until the end. Often times when I’m in a group fitness class the people around me over do it in the beginning and don’t last until the end of the class. It’s a good idea to start out slow and then work your way up to it’s maximum level of intensity. Many people keep themselves motivated in a bootcamp by considering it a competition and that’s good! But remember, slow and steady wins the race! My experience is that when I start out slow I’m beating everyone at  the end since they are taking multiple breaks just to get through the workout because they have expended all of their energy.

If you have any question please feel free to email me at And as always, consult your doctor before doing this or any other workout.



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