Post baby fitness…

You don’t have to be a super model to get fit after you have a baby. I know it’s not easy and I know it’s easier for some than others, but if you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to great post baby shape. Everyone will be asking how it’s possible you just had a baby!

About a month before baby Bobby’s arrival, I gained 40 pounds!

Me 6 months post baby Bobby

1) Eat consistently and in moderation. It’s hard to find time to eat when you just have a baby, so I suggest keeping a lot of healthy snacks in the house to keep energized and keep your metabolism going throughout the day.

Suggestions: Yogurt (I love Fage, delicious, natural and low in calories), Luna bars (I know they are high in sugar but they are a good grab and go snack that are on the healthy side), and of course fruits and vegetables are always the best thing to eat.

Another suggestion is to make fruit and veggie smoothies. Generally I don’t really have the time to make smoothies, so I grab Slim Fast. I don’t follow the slim fast diet plan, I use it as a quick, easy  meal for myself when my days are crazy. That way I know I’m at least getting some sort of nutrients instead of not eating at all or eating something unhealthy.

2)  Breastfeed. I did not do this, but besides being the best diet for your baby, it burns about 500 calories a day.

3) Drink a lot of water. Always a good diet tip. Helps to make you feel full so you eat less and increases your metabolism.

4) Get some sleep. I know you are all laughing, especially those of you with multiple children, but try to find a way to get some rest. Not just for weight loss purposes but to for your mental state as well. Sleep when the baby sleeps or if you have other children who don’t nap have some quiet time on the couch and watch Sesame street or read stories so you’re at least relaxing for a little bit. DO NOT stress about a messy house!! You need to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your kids. So when you get some down time use it to take a break.

5) Workout. Obviously. My suggestions:

1) Join a stroller fitness class if you have one in your area.  This is a great way to not only workout but meet moms and kids. It’s beneficial to you and your children.

2) Get a workout buddy. Find another mother in your neighborhood to take walks with and workout with, this will motivate you to do it as you will be less apt to bail on someone you’ve made plans with. It’s easy to bail on yourself!

3) Join a gym with daycare. I know it can be pricey but it’s worth it. This way you get some exercise and a break from the kids for a little while. Plus the children enjoy playing and being around other kids. It’s a win win win!

Do you  have any suggestions or questions for getting in shape post baby?



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