Sun is shining…

What a beautiful day!! Reminds me of this house remix that was played at just about every club when I was in college. It seems  there’s a tech/house remix for just about everything, I always joke with my husband about any old school hit he likes that “I used to dance to a phat house remix of this back in the day.” This truly is an awesome remix and who doesn’t LOVE Bob Marley!

Anyway back to health and wellness… it’s a beautiful day out and a great day to get outdoors. But don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun isn’t quite as strong now that summer’s over but it’s still important to protect yourself from the harmful and ageing effects of the sun. Working with Rodan + Fields I’ve learned much more about how important it is to wear a good SPF at all times. My recommendation: the Anti-Age Triple Defense Treatment with SPF 30 “ANTI-AGE Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 is a moisturizing treatment containing proven peptides to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and visibly firm skin. Exclusive SHIELDrf* sunscreen technology combines stabilized avobenzone and free radical fighting colorless carotenoids for effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen protection. Optical brighteners immediately minimize the appearance of skin flaws while barrier-protecting dimethicone and hyaluronic acid maintain moisture levels.”

*What is SHIELDrf? This is a patented technology with an exclusive complex that makes this sunscreen last longer. 

Sun spots, hyperpigmentation, dullness, melasma…. BE GONE! We’ve talked about preventing damage, how about damage that’s already been done? Rodan + Fields to the rescue! The new Carpe Diem Kit is an amazing way to get back the beautiful youthful skin you had pre-sun exposure, no expensive trip to the doctors office necessary! Amazing results have been had by my clients who have used this system. Here is an incredible before / after picture from a client. “This comprehensive solution is clinically proven to visibly diminish the appearance of brown spots, dullness and sun damage for a smoother, brighter, even-toned complexion.”

As for a diminishing and preventing the overall signs of ageing… the Anti-Age regimen is a must have!!

Or you can get one of these great new kits offered to address all of your anti-ageing needs.


If you’re curious as to whether the system actually works, the proof is in the pudding! Here are really fantastic results that a client had in just 8 weeks of using the Anti-Age regimen.

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