Working (out) from home…

It seems hurricane Sandy has us all working from home, which many of us can easily do thanks to modern technology. But how about working out at home? For a lot people this proves to be quite a challenge. Many people tend not to like workout videos and most don’t have devices like treadmills or weight machines.

To make it simple I’ve provided a workout you can do at home pretty easily. It’s not complicated and it’s short, so no excuses!!

  1. Walking /running stairs, I suggest putting the theme from Rocky on your playlist for this one. 🙂 This is a great way to get some good cardio in! 10 minutes of walking burns about 100 calories while running burns about 190 cals. If you don’t have stairs, jump rope is a great alternative. According to Mayo clinic, jump rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises you can do, burning approximately 120 calories in 10 mins.
  2. Push ups, this is the best full body workout you can do. This works your chest, triceps, biceps and core.
  3. Tricep dips. This is the exercise Madonna does (well, one of the many) that keep her arms looking so amazing. 

The Routine: Run /Walk Stairs or jump rope for 5 mins, followed by 20 push-ups and 20 tricep dips. Repeat 4 times.


5 thoughts on “Working (out) from home…

  1. Sylvia has a good comment, back issues and sciatica make it hard for me to do some of your exercises. Of course walking is good, I always enjoy that. I could actually do the tricep dip.

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