Four week challenge…

Benefits of SpinningMount Your Spinning Bike: Burn, Burn, Burn CaloriesI wasn’t fond of spinning when I started because it was a dramatic cardio change for me. However, as I began to get accustomed to the work out and saw the pounds begin to melt away faster than they had when I worked out on any other cardio equipment I was hooked.A good thirty minute workout on a Spinning Cycle can burn as much as 500 calories. Even at challenging levels other cardio equipment couldn’t burn that many calories in such a short time. I usually do a workout that is 50 minutes to an hour long. Longer workouts burn from 800 to 1,000 calories.You feel better throughout the day following a workout and you have more energy. You are simply training your body to work more efficiently. Improve Cardiovascular HealthCreates Leaner Stronger Shapely LegsYou Create Progress At Your Own PaceLow ImpactGet An Abs Workout with Correct PostureGain Mental Strength

I love spinning! I’m not saying I’m the best at it but I do really love it. It’s the best cardiovascular workout you can do in the least amount of time. A lot of people are intimidated by it because of the intense connotation attached to it. But really you can make it as intense or as easy as you want. After all, no one knows how much intensity you actually have on your bike! So don’t worry about trying to keep up with everyone or be the fastest most powerful one there, you’ll still get an amazing workout just doing what you are able to. Of course I suggest pushing yourself but it’s not necessary to overdo it. In my experience when you work out too intensely it can lead to feeling overwhelmed by the workout and not keeping up with it and eventually not doing anything at all from becoming burnt out. Not to mention working out too hard can lead to injury and over fatigue.

As much as I love a good spin class I often am not able to get to one with my families busy schedule and I know that it’s the same for many people. I recently downloaded this great audio version of a spin class lead my master instructor, Matthew Reyes. It’s only 20 minutes but goes through all the possible scenarios of a real life spin class and he gives intricate instructions on how to set up and spin both safely and comfortably. Practice spinning with the audio session a couple of times and you will be ready to take on an actual class with confidence. Or if you don’t care for a live class just keep doing an audio version, you can enhance the workout by increasing intensity and speed. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the challenge:

First download this workout: Matthew Reyes Indoor Cycling Workout for Beginners.

Warm up on the treadmill, stair-master, bike or elliptical machine for 10 to 15 mins. Then go through this cycling workout intensifying it as you see fit. Do this 3 or 4 times a week for one month. Tell me what sort of results you see in terms of weight loss, energy level,  strength and endurance.

Until next time, stay fit…


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