Mantras and Mudras

Mudra of happiness

mudra of happiness

I never know what the hand gestures mean during mantra and meditation practice. So…I looked it up… turns out they are called Mudras, which means the art of folding fingers. Here is further explanation from

“They are the part of yoga practise and they help a human to get in touch with the divine and cosmic energy. The art of mudras has a divine nature. It helps us get the hold of the invisible link with the Universe, develop greater skills, get the hold of a spiritual wholeness and inner force.

Mudras are a great instrument that can help attract your dream, bring love to your life, calm the consciousness, teach you how to deal with fears and wrath, how to fight the fatigue and how to manage other disorders. “

The article, Mudras and mantras of happiness and love, goes further by sharing pictures of different mudra and explaining their meaning and what they are used for in practice. I’ve posted a couple of my favorites below but please check out the rest of the article to see and learn more about these fascinating gestures.

Mudra attracting love

mudra of love

Mudra attracting success

mudra of success

Mudra for obtaining self-confidence

mudra for self-confidence

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