Welcome to Milton…this is a no place for hate community.

There should be more signs like this around the country and the world… read below to learn more about this program.

ADL National Homepage

What is the No Place For Hate® community network?

  • A network of communities throughout New England working towards creating inclusive environments, and sharing best practices
  • A host of resources for all New England communities who wish to participate
  • A community-based initiative with an enhanced focus on supporting local grassroots coalitions

How can communities participate?

  • Local community coalitions or committees (pre-existing or new) will initiate the program in their community by signing the “Resolution of Respect” and developing plans to implement diversity and anti-bias programming
  • With ADL’s support and resources, communities will implement projects based on their unique needs
  • Participating communities will be recognized for their No Place for Hate® efforts at an annual conference in June
  • The program will serve all communities in ADL’s New England Region (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)

What resources will be available to communities?

  • A menu of over 35 diversity and anti-bias programs
  • Ongoing consulting services by ADL
  • The opportunity to apply for matching grants to implement community programs
  • Participation in an annual conference with specialized training for community coalitions
  • Monthly email newsletters with program ideas and additional resources
  • Hate crimes training for local law enforcement
  • Hate crimes response strategies 

 To find out more click on the image below:


Do you have any ideas on how your community can be a more inclusive environment and promote anti-hate practices?

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