Mantra Monday: Show me the way…

I ask for God to “show me the way” quite often. Life gets so hectic and cluttered that I sometimes forget the path I’m on, I forget the right path. I need to be reminded. We are all busy in our a day to day lives and it’s easy to forget the important goals, like spending quality time with our families and friends and lending people a helping hand.

It’s important to have professional goals. They makes us feel important in our day to day business activities which tend to take up so much of our time. I enjoy what I do, I like to work hard and be productive. That is and has always been very important to me, but it’s easy to get caught up and think that all of this stuff that I’m personally working toward is more important than the precious moments with my loved ones.

My computer will be here tomorrow but my son will only be wearing this ridiculous costume out in public for a short period longer (hopefully!). So… I better enjoy it and laugh about it now.  🙂

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