Tone Up Tuesday

Someone asked me about belly fat the other day. They said that they work on their abs religiously and have a pretty solid core  but the belly “pooch”  just won’t go away.

Here’s my answer, it’s important to perform muscle toning exercises, like crunches for your stomach or bicep curls for your arms. But… if you still have fat covering the area you’re not going to see much definition. You cannot spot reduce, meaning you cannot focus on losing fat in a particular area. You need to diminish fat all over by amping up your cardio routine. Add a little more spinning, running, walking etc… to your workout and you’ll see the results you want. And it’s of course a good idea to cut calories and change your routine on occasion. We’ve all heard of “muscle confusion” that’s just a trendy way of saying, “mix it up.”

Here is a great exercise I found to help you tone your core:

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