Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday to me…

Birthday Mantra: I will be grateful.

I wrote on Monday that I was stumped over what my birthday mantra should be. The people that wrote in with some ideas were two of my most favorite people in the world, my sister and mom. This sparked an idea, my mantra should be about how grateful I am for all of the wonderful people God has put into my life. Since I have opened my heart to giving and receiving love, I have been overwhelmed by all of the wonderful blessings that I have accumulated. I am truly so blessed and could not be happier with my life as it is right now. Despite the everyday troubles that I tend to complain about, I have an amazing life  because of all the wonderful people around me who help and encourage me to be better. My main goal in life is to make the people I care most about happy and proud. These desires keep me on the right path, working hard, taking care of myself and remembering what is truly important; family and friends.

I love you all! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

My mom, sister Heather and I circa 1980

My sister Heather, brother Charles and I circa 1985

The Byrkits (and Bowers) on my wedding day

The Lamberts (and Conovers) in Bermuda, August 2010

My parents with my Grandmother, Uncle Mark and Aunt Elaine

My parents, brother Charlie, Grandmother, Aunt Annie, Uncles Mark and Gary

My parents with my brother James and sister in law Griselda

My brother James with my nieces Ashley, Kelsey, Tiffany and nephew James.

Me, my husband George and newborn Bobby.

Georgie and Bobby



Georgie and his cousin / best friend, Junior

My mom and Georgie

My Dad and Mom

My sister Heather and Bobby

My sister in law Katie and niece Lila

Me and Heather riding across the Golden Gate

Me and Heather riding across the Golden Gate

My brother Charles and Me on my wedding day

George and I on our wedding day

Looking through so many photos it’s hard to choose which ones to display!  There are so many people and  fond memories with family and friends. I love you all. Thank you for making my life so good.

Until next time… stay strong, beautiful and grateful.



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