Weekend Wisdom: If you want to keep it you have to give it away…

If you want to keep it you have to give it away”  I love this quote. It is the sister phrase of “what goes around comes around,” and “you have to give in order to receive“. I think these ideals are especially important to make note of and think about in this day and age, when so many of us are trying to hold on to what we’ve got in fear of losing everything. The reality is that if you are not passing on the good things that you have to others they will eventually fade away for you in some way, shape or form. And I don’t mean this in the material sense necessarily, although that is a truth as well, I mean in the spiritual, mental and physical aspect of having a rich and abundant life. Those, to me, are the most important.

I love doing what I do, I love meeting new people and passing on my knowledge of health and wellness, this in turn helps me to stay on that same track. I also like that my classes are very affordable, only $10 per person. I do this because I want people to feel like this is something they can do, it’s not out of reach. And then they can pass on what they learn to others as well, their children get inspired by seeing us workout and be healthy and perhaps they bring other parents to the class. It’s such a wonderfully fulfilling process.

I’ve noticed two different types of people in the world of entrepreneurship the past few years. The ones so focused on their own endeavors that they forget to help others and those who are willing to stop and take a moment to help someone else along their way to success. I am still growing my business and love every opportunity I have to help someone else grow their business as well. Admittedly, this is not an altruistic move on my part, as I know that I will benefit from these actions as well. We can exchange business and marketing ideas, maybe it will encourage that person to talk more about me and my business to others, they will recommend me to their friends and clients, and best of all I will get the satisfaction of helping someone else and hopefully make a friend out of it.

The best part about giving is the way it makes you feel inside. I feel the most fulfilled when I help others, not when I go out and buy something for myself. When I’m feeling depressed I’ve learned to think to myself, “what can I do to help someone else today?” And not, what can I do for myself to make myself feel better, that doesn’t tend to work in the long-term.  It will not create a longer lasting effect that helping and giving to someone else will have. Instead I have learned to think “What can I do to get my mind off of ME and how bad I’m feeling?” That to me is the best medicine.

For more inspiration on this subject check out Cami Walker’s site at www.29gifts.org. She is a true inspiration on how giving can help our mental and physical well-being. View this video for more on her amazing story.

I can go on and on about this subject, what are your thoughts? What are some ways that you like to give back and help others?

Until next time… stay strong, beautiful and giving.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom: If you want to keep it you have to give it away…

  1. I will never get tired hearing these quotes. And when you give whole-heartedly and not expecting anything in return, you do feel this sense of fulfillment inside, a feeling that money can’t buy. I love how you do your part when it comes to giving and sharing. I think it’s very admirable. And yes, there are those who forget and just get so caught up with their own success and not stopping for others who could some help. I’ve met a lot of bloggers already who go out of their way to help you.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I admittedly am not always the best about practicing what I preach, but have gotten better over the years. And I do notice that when I think about others and am more giving (and I don’t just mean this in the material sense) my life gets better. 🙂
      And I feel the same way as you about the blogging community, I just started mine a little while back but have noticed a tremendous amount of support. I love it!

  2. This was a very inspiring post. There is absolutely more happiness in giving than receiving. When done with the right motive, as you alluded to, it is mutually fulfilling to both parties.

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