Wordless Wednesdays: A wedding and a day at the beach…

I went to a wedding on Cape Cod this weekend. It was a wonderful event with a beautiful bride, handsome groom, good company and a spectacular view.

Congratulations Dave & Michele!

Good company! Chatting with friends Carla and Carlie at the cocktail hour.

Carlie’s dress was amazing, turns out the same style was worn by Kate Middleton. How was she able to wear the same dress as the future Queen of England? Check out Rent the Runway, a spectacular site with all the latest designer dresses from the red carpet.

Me & my husband George. My dress was definitely not designer, but I love it nonetheless. I got it one fabulous day out with my sister and son Georgie on Newbury Street. It’s from 344, and I believe it was around $40. Not bad for a cute cocktail dress.

This picture was taken the same day I purchased that dress. My sister Heather and son Georgie at Charley’s, he’s a little over one here.

Not sure where Carla got her dress but it’s fabulous, love the necklace too. She is always very stylish. Carla who are you wearing? 🙂

I always have to include pictures of the kids. Here’s our day at the beach …

Georgie and his cousin Aiden. Today’s Aiden’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

Bobby and I watching the kids play.

Tommy showing the boys his beach read. 🙂

Georgie’s cousin Junior showing the boys his new Batman hat. Awesome!

Time to go lobstering with Papa. 🙂


The end.

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesdays: A wedding and a day at the beach…

  1. Let me tell you how excited I am on this Wednesday to see I’ve been blogged about! In good company of course 🙂 What a beautiful wedding weekend – the weather held out for the bride and groom and they are so beautiful anyway – there was no way the weekend wouldn’t have been spectacular!

    I wore a long sleeve (it was a little chilly on wedding day) royal blue polka dot dress from Macy’s – $40! The necklace was made by my friend Marianne who is a jewelry designer in Providence.

    Thanks Hil! xo

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