Weekend Wisdom: Always share a good boutique find…

My husband and I are in Cape Cod this weekend for a wedding. It’s serving as a much-needed break for both of us, the kids are with their beloved Grandparents, Mimi and Papa. Thanks guys!!

It was great to be able to catch up on sleep and have a relaxing lunch with my husband this afternoon. Afterword we took a nice leisurely walk on Main Street in downtown Hyannis where we came across this amazing boutique, Bella of Cape Cod. And better yet, it’s extremely affordable!

Here are some of the items that are my personal favorites:

Gold / Coral Starfish Cuff $25.00

VB inspired Pink / Navy Cosmetic Case; $10.00

TB Inspired Necklace; $24.00

Gold / Silver Sandollar Earings; $12.00

On a side note, I picked up this awesome mug at another boutique of which whose name I can’t remember! Sorry!

“Strength & Beauty”

I’ve been searching for the U Go Baby Fitness motto and I think I’ve found it “Inspiring strength and beauty in women since 2010.” 🙂 Thanks Wonder Woman!

Thanks for reading! Until next time… stay strong and beautiful!!



P.S. Congratulations to Dave and Michelle on their nuptials!! I plan on sharing photos and stories of the lovely event later this week. 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom: Always share a good boutique find…

  1. Happy Saturday Hilary! R&R time is always good. 🙂

    Lovely Post! Lovely finds! I ♥ visiting a town and shopping at quaint shops.Thanks for stopping by my website. I’m now following via Email,Linky followers,Bloglovin’ and Hellocotton.

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