Wordless Wednesday: My “Date” with Georgie

I read this blog post in “Because my life is fascinating….” about the importance of “dating” your children. It’s easy to get so caught up with the every day routine that I often forget to spend quality time with them. Scheduling a “date” is a good way to set aside time to really listen to your kids and get to know them better.

In “Mommy-Daughter Dating” HillJean writes:

“What makes up a great date with anyone is: going somewhere special and listening to each other share your heart.
At home, we don’t listen to our kids that much. Sure, we hear them–the constant stream of questions, whining, and just NOISE sort of gets in the way of what they’re really saying. Kids can say stuff that will blow your mind. But you have to listen to hear it.”

Taking a walk with my man Georgie

We have to stop and check out the fire trucks! (this is definitely NOT a “girly” date)

Pizza and sodas, yummy!!

Good conversation… ” Mommy I’m gonna be Batman for Calloween and Bobby’s gonna be Robbin for Calloween and Daddy’s gonna be the JOKER for Calloween.”


A good date always ends with dessert “Deeewishus!!”

Don’t be jealous Bobby, I’ll be taking you for pizza and cupcakes before you know it!



10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My “Date” with Georgie

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! (welcome Wednesday) your blog is so neat! I liked your “date” idea with your children! thanks! your newest follower

  2. It is such a joy to have “dates” with my Little Bit. The last intentional all for him day was a trip to the library and then lunch at McD’s for Pap Pap burgers. Can you guess who normally takes him there ;D It was nice doing things that were just for him with no other errands squeezed in. Intentionally letting him know he is ever so special to me and a true blessing from God.

    • Yes! I do feel as though it’s Georgie’s Dad that gets to have more of the quality time with my son. And in his defense it’s usually to give me a break… since I do all the rest, like listening to the whining all day and constantly telling him “NO!” I have to make a point of scheduling more QT with my boy. 🙂

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