Weekend Wisdom: The Importance of Working-Out with Your Kids

Georgie preparing to go “jogging” with his Dad

In this day and age, with childhood obesity becoming an epidemic, it is especially important for parents to encourage their children to workout. Even when they are not quite old enough to participate, it’s good to workout in front of them and create a desire to be physically fit early on. I always workout in front of my sons, partially out of not really having a choice! But, also because I know it’s good for them to see their mom being active. My stroller fitness classes are a great way to do this, I’ve witnessed many children attempt to imitate the exercises that we do in our class. Another benefit is that through repetitive exercises requiring counting some of the kids have learned to count themselves! It’s very rewarding to see the kids benefit from the classes as much as the parents.

Do a few exercise a day with your kids; jumping jacks, running in place, bear crawls etc. It doesn’t matter if they get the exercises exactly right, just the attempt is a good way to get them started on a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a list of additional “perks” of encouraging your children to exercise. I found these on ahealthiermichigan.org (note: these also apply to adults)…

  • Healthy weight
  • Improved mood and attitude
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Lower risk of developing ADD or ADHD
  • Better self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Socialization skills are stronger
  • Lower risk of getting sick
  • Better grades
  • Building muscle strength
  • Developing fine motor skills

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