Mantra Mondays: I will take a break!

Today’s mantra is about taking a break. I’ve been feeling the need for one badly the past few days. As a mom you never really get one, the weekend comes and you’re still on the clock. I think I’m more tired today then I was on Friday. I try to do things for myself to maintain some level of sanity but everything I do has to be done with the kids in tow.

It’s so hard to maintain a piece of yourself while raising children, and when I do take sometime for myself, like working on a new blog post for example, I feel guilty. The main problem at the moment is exhaustion, I never know when I’m going to get a good nights sleep and when I do and have a little extra energy, I try to do too much. It’s hard to find balance in my life at the moment with so many variables, the main ones being my children (I think I’ll start calling my children the “variables” ).

So, after throwing around a few too many curse words in front of my kids this morning, I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging. Probably just a week or so. Will be back soon! So stay tuned…


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