Weekend Wisdom: It takes a village…

My saviours!

My sister-in-law is a lacrosse coach at Stonehill College and she has most of the summer off. But, she needed a little help with her kids, Justin and Lila, this past week because she was running a camp for highschool students through the college. A bunch of us pitched in to help out, her aunt and sister in-laws (myself included) all agreed to take the kids for a day.

They are great kids and get along wonderfully with mine, but taking care of four kids for the day definitely made me appreciate just having two! I was fortunate to get a little help in the afternoon by the angels in the picture above, my cousin Anna and her good friend Siobhan. They came by with a much-needed iced coffee and even better, an offer to take the kids for a walk so I could get a break.

Thanks guys!! It truly does take a village to raise kids, and to prevent us moms from going completely out of our minds. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom: It takes a village…

  1. Hi Hillary, thanks for coming by and for leading me to your wonderful (and useful) blog. Happy to follow back. Doing so on email as I don’t have facebook or Linky followers. Just curious what your name is on GFC as I can’t seem to find you. Thanks! x

    • Hey Dee! Thanks for the follow!! I’m a little confused on the google thing and it’s frustrating that google + is no longer compatible with wordpress. I believe my name on google is Hilary Lambert or hillambert36 and would totally appreciate you following me there. 🙂

  2. I must have missed this one! Siobhan and I were sweating from both the stress and the effort of pushing 2 kids and holding another one on your chest. We laughed the whole time saying “GOOD GOD! IT’S TOUGH TO BE A MOM!”

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