Fit Fridays: Benefits of Weight Training

My doctor asked me at my last appointment if I weight train, which I thought was interesting because I’m used to getting the question “do you exercise and how often?” but not if I specifically weight train. The answer was of course yes, weight training / muscle toning has always been apart of my exercise regimen. But I didn’t realize all of the benefits until a few years ago when I began studying for my group exercise certification.

Here is a list of reasons why you should start weight training a few times a week:

1) Burn more calories throughout the day: Muscle burns calories even when your body is at rest, so if you build more muscle your metabolism will increase and you will lose weight more easily. This is as long as you are eating a healthy diet and not making up for those lost calories by eating a piece of cake.

2) Build Strong Bones: This is especially important for us ladies who tend to lose bone density as we get older which causes osteoporosis. Weight training is good for young women because it assists in creating maximum bone density as we grow and for us grown women because it helps to maintain bone mass.

3) Prevents and reduces symptoms of certain diseases: Studies show that moderate weight training helps to prevent heart disease and is quite beneficial to those who already live with this disease. It has the same benefits for diabetes, arthritis and as I spoke about earlier, osteoporosis.

4) Helps prevent injury: weight training builds muscle which helps with balance and protects your joints which all help to prevent injury.    

I’m sure the idea of “weight training” is intimidating to some of you. But it just takes a set of light weights and a few simple exercises to get started. You can even use a resistance band, it’s that simple!


3 thoughts on “Fit Fridays: Benefits of Weight Training

  1. Thanks for this information! I need to be reminded why I should do more weight training. Can you write a post on weight training exercises that you can do at home? It sounds silly, but I hate weight training at the gym… standing next to muscly people while I lift weights makes me feel silly. LOL.

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