Meeting friendly neighbors, another benefit of nice weather!


I’ve lived here for almost 3 years now and I am still meeting new people from my block all the time. It’s hard during the winter months but once it gets nice out and we’re outside a lot more I tend to meet new people much more often. I love it! Especially when they are friendly, optimistic and cheerful types like Rita. I just met her yesterday while my son was out riding his bike. She introduced herself to me but had of course already met my son George. Everyone seems to know Georgie, he’s a man about town. LOL! Well… he actually is just outside more with his dad, usually watering “his” garden.

Rita is so vivacious, sweet and has an amazing attitude about life, which made me all the more amazed when she told me she has stage 4 cancer, and has had it for 4 years! I’m always so impressed and inspired by people who maintain such a happy and optimistic attitude in spite of such challenges as cancer. She was out for a walk, she walks 2 miles everyday. She also told me about an amazing program that my local gym, Fitness Unlimited,  offers. They have partnered with the Cancer Community Renewal Project to offer “Cancer Programs and Moving Toward Wellness Classes”. It’s organized by a Cancer Exercise Specialist and it’s free, you don’t even have to be a member of the gym! You simply need a medical release from your doctor.

Here’s a little more about the program:

“A cancer exercise specialist can help design a program that reflects your specific needs and interests. Your treatment team provides the recommendations – you provide the time and effort. Exercise can be an important component of your recovery. If you are new to exercise, using a specific protocol can build your confidence and experience. Returning to fitness? Set realistic goals based on assessments and progressive training plans.”

Check out the web site at to find out about programs around the country and in your community.

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