Fit Fridays: Sun Salutations



A good way to start the day is by performing a few sun salutations. I would love to be able to do a full half hour or hour of yoga in the morning but that is just not in the cards. It’s taken me about a 1/2 hour just to type just these few lines with my 3-year-old son poking me and begging me for something the entire time. A full session of yoga is not happening.

Good news is that even just performing this series once or twice will start your day off on a good note. It helps to clear your mind, stretch your body, get focused and best of all, give you some energy! You can even get the kids involved, my son loves doing downward dog. Of course he also loves to hop on my back when I’m in plank pose so it’s optimal if you can get a few minutes to yourself to do this routine.

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