Wordless Wednesday: Summer Edition

Summer in the City

Nothing reminds me more of summers in Brooklyn then running around in a sprinkler, fire hydrant or whatever water source you could find, to keep cool on those hot, humid NYC summer days. It was so simple, yet made us kids so incredibly happy! And of course grabbing an Italian ice at the end of it was the best part.

I’m glad to be passing the tradition on to my son. These were taken at a park near us in Dorchester…

Let the fun begin!

He insists on goggles to “keep him from getting wet” ,whatever that means!

Ladies man…

Nice head gear Bobby!

He likes watching the kids play

“Stop taking pictures! I’m ready to go!”

Time for an Italian ice!
The End

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Summer Edition

    • Yes you should! It’s a great spot. It’s on Hilltop Street. If you take Granite Ave, you make the first right when you go over the bridge into Dorchester, that’s Hilltop Street. You’ll see a playground on your left and the sprinklers are across the street on your right. Enjoy!

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