Fit Fridays

Try these fun outdoor activities to burn lots of calories, and the best part, spend time with the family!


We’re headed to the beach this morning where we are lucky enough to have access to a kayak. My son loves going out on it! And it’s a great way to burn lots of calories (up to 200 in a half hour) and build core strength. I know not everyone has a kayak, but there are plenty of places that you can rent them for fairly inexpensive. If you live in the Boston area the Charles River is a great place to Kayak. Here’s a web site you can go to about rentals: Charles River Canoe & Kayak


My family loves a good hike, although we don’t do it nearly enough. We have a trail near us, the Blue Hills Reservation, that provides great scenery and routes that range in difficulty. So when we’re not with the kids we can make it a little more challenging for ourselves. As an alternate, we also enjoy World’s End in Hingham. If you’re looking for a good trail near you, this is a great site to find one almost anywhere,

Make sure you go prepared. Bring a back pack with lots of water, sunscreen, snacks, cell phone and rain jackets. Bringing small flashlights are a good idea as well. My son is old enough to walk the trail with us now, but there are great children’s carriers out there for those that are not. Here are some from Ergobaby, who also make and infant insert for toddler carriers.


I don’t have a bike, but I saw my neighbor riding with this awesome contraption on her’s the other day. What a great way to bike with kids! Tandem bikes are so much fun and a really great way to spend time with the family. If you’re looking for a trail near you check out this site:


This is my personal favorite, as I run my own stroller based fitness classes in my area. It’s a great way to get outside, meet other moms and get a great workout all at the same time. I always have my classes near a playground so the kids can get their own workout in after the class. And who knows, maybe the kids will make some friends too.

Here’s a link to my web site if you’re interested in working out with us: I’ll be revising the schedule and adding more classes as I get in better post baby shape.

There are many of these types of programs around the country, go to the Strollercize web site to find a class in your area.

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