Baby smiles…

We have hit a milestone with my new son Bobby, he has started smiling! His first form of positive expression that fills my heart with so much joy.

It’s very difficult when you first have a child and all they do is eat, sleep, poop, puke and keep you up at night. I remember my husband coming home from work when we had our youngest son, Georgie. He was just sitting in his swing with this blank look on his face. We were starting to get frustrated that we did everything for this child and the only expression he seemed to have was crying. My husband turned to me and said, “when’s he gonna start doing stuff, he just kinda sits there like a blob.” He of course meant “blob” in the best way possible, LOL! I was feeling his pain, especially since I was the one home with him all day, feeding, changing, burping, swaddling, rocking … and getting nothing in return.

One night my husband came home after an aggravating day at the office, our son flashed him the cutest little toothless smile he’d ever seen. My husband was so over the moon nothing else that happened that day seemed to matter anymore. And I felt the long few months of sleepless nights finally paying off!

If you’re just starting out with a newborn and feeling frustrated over the lack of response your baby is able to give you, have no fear, soon enough you’ll get that same toothless smile and it’ll all be worth it.



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